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General comments

Rod, I wanted to say it again... I loved your book! You are an **excellent** writer. I so enjoyed your tasteful use of vocabulary, allusion and digression. I would read your writing on ANY subject! It is rare that I can let loose with heartfelt praise, so I thought I should let 'er rip!

Bill, USA

I have found your books most interesting and well written.

Robin W., Mississippi, USA

I am enjoying the books.  Thank you very much.

Robert A., Georgia, USA

Comments on astronomy section of "How Great Thou Art"

The author has an obvious flare for taking fairly complex information and making it not only readable but downright interesting. Better still, as one progresses through a chapter he creates in the reader an interest to know more that is satisfied as one proceeds further. A strength of this publication is that it is very up-to-date.

Dr. Dennis P. Gordon, National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research, Wellington, New Zealand

Rod McQueen employs detailed knowledge of space and the universe to glorify God and the amazing wonders of His creation. This series is a must for students entering a world of science and humanism that does not wish to include God in the picture and for Christian parents wishing to explain the intricate universe to their children in the context of God as the master designer with an awe-inspiring mind for detail.

Ruth R., Gold Coast, Qld., Australia

I'm impressed with your colorful way of writing about such a complex but awe-inspiring subject as the universe.

Britt V., Haninge, Sweden

I am absolutely delighted with the book — would that I had sufficient funds to buy for all my families and friends. I shall certainly pass the word around and lend the second copy to various members of my family. I had been thinking in recent times, that what the world needs to know, more than anything else, is that God truly exists and your book is the best opportunity to help them understand… I imagine… grandparents would like to buy it for their grandchildren and after reading it, not wanting to part with it.

Peggy W., Wynn Vale, S.A., Australia

Last week I received your booklet "Marvels and Mysteries of Space — the Universe". I have read several chapters so far and I find it absolutely awe-inspiring. The extraordinary information in your book has certainly helped me appreciate God's greatness and creative genius. It appears that you have thoroughly researched the subject on the universe and I look forward to reading the remaining chapters. I will be recommending this book to others and I am sure it will be worth waiting for your next one.

Joe Z., Ardeer, Victoria, Australia

Comments on "Jacob's Multi-colored Dream Goats"

Just a line to thank you for posting to me… "Jacob's Multi-colored Dream Goats". I am really enjoying working my way through it. I say this because many of the facts that you give are new to me and I need time to ponder over them so I keep going back over what I have read. Am gaining from the exercising of my brain…

Mike B., Bendigo, Australia

The title "Jacob and His Amazing Dream Goats" might lead someone to think this might be a fantasy or folk tale. The first chapter might lead one to think that this will be a book of "workarounds" for difficult passages in the Bible. However, those who get past the title and the first mundane chapter will be treated to a bit of fascinating Bible-based anthropology.

The author moves from trying to resolve the apparent scientific ignorance of the account of Joseph craftily controlling the breeding of goats by the use of visual stimuli, into a profound investigation of the depth of scientific knowledge that appears to have existed in ancient times. One is challenged by the author, who presents pertinent and compelling historical and scientific information, to rethink the presumption that the ancients were all a bunch of superstitious idiots. I, personally, love to have my assumptions challenged. I found this book constantly requiring me to consider the "ascent of man" as more linear than is commonly believed.

I'm not an anthropologist. I'm certain that I don't agree with everything in the book. But I so enjoyed reading the book (which sports a low-brow but content rich style) precisely because it challenged me and *required me* to think and re-think the sweep of history. And the author is no slouch about literary style. He puts a large vocabulary to brilliant use, supplies illustrations from detailed scientific descriptions of things he sees rolling off the tongues of ancient Bible writers, such as Job, and never fails to provide cogent arguments (with not a hint of preachiness or condescension).

The most obvious audience for this book would be those who already take pains to understand the Bible, but anyone with a desire to take a fresh look at ancient history would be well served. Personally, I will add this to my short list of very useful modern books on understanding the Bible and anthropology.

Bill Ross, Author, "Bible Shockers!", Wounded Ego Books

Comments on "Shechem to Calvary: the Story of the Covenants"

Rod, I'm reading your publication, "Shechem to Calvary" and I love it! At last! — at last! a solid in-depth study on the subject of the Covenants! Just what I've needed for so very long. I'm delighted with it. I'm up to chapter 10 and really enjoying the study…
Well, I've just finished reading your publication “Shechem to Calvary”, and I'm delighted with it! It's just what I've wanted… It's a great study, and has given much additional backing and substance to a most important doctrine. Everything about this “curly” subject is now clarified and confirmed for me, I'm very, very pleased with it.

Roger W. Lake Cargelligo, NSW, Australia

Comments on "Showdown in Jerusalem"

Thank you very much for sending your book — Showdown in Jerusalem. What I have read so far is great — just excellent.

Bryan M., Ferndale, WA, Australia

Am half way thru your book and find it excellent. Could we order some more please on my card.

Graeme M., Auckland, New Zealand

I was extremely impressed by the level of scholarship that you put into it. It is well constructed and very well documented and I have no real problems with any of it… I know the effort you have put into writing the book and other publications you have. It requires an enormous amount of mental effort, so congratulations on a job well done.

Terry D., Mt Tamborine, Qld, Australia

I finished “Showdown” recently… Excellent and most informative. It's given me a lot of insight into the life and times.

Walter S., Canberra, Australia

Comments on "Shadow and Reality"

I received "Shadow and Reality" several weeks ago and have read it with relish.  I very much like your thinking; a thinking that to my mind parallels that of many other cutting-edge Messianic and Christian thinkers.  Thank you very much for sending it to me. I would like to read more of your work.  Please send a list of your other books along with prices and shipping costs.  I wish to purchase more of your books, particularly "Hebrews," and any others which address the subjects discussed in "Shadow and Reality."

Dr. Robert A., Georgia, USA

Comments on "Hebrews: A fresh Look at an Old Book "