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Showdown in Jerusalem is a readable primer on the much-debated and often-misunderstood Apostolic Council. When a faction known as “the circumcision” insisted that adult non-Jewish brethren should undergo the painful rite of having the foreskin cut off, Paul and others reacted vehemently. They wasted no time in calling for an urgent conference to settle the issue and restore harmony in the fledgling church.

Find out about:

  • the unveiling of God's great mystery during the early days of the Christian church;
  • the role of Israel in the plan of salvation;
  • the development of certain errors within Judaism in the centuries before Jesus' coming and its consequences for the church;
  • the meaning of “circumcision” in Acts and Paul;
  • what went on at the famous conference;
  • varying ideas held by Christians today about the real substance of the Acts 15 debate;
  • the four prohibitions of the Council edict;
  • the attack on Paul in Acts 21;
  • the great legalism hoax;
  • what Paul really meant when he spoke of justification by faith;
  • the context of the book of Galatians, and the light it sheds on the interpretation of this difficult letter;
  • a fresh look at the meaning of “under the law” and "works of the law".

This book is a must for all who want to get a feel for the momentous events that so affected Christians in the critical decades following Jesus' Ascension.

Showdown in Jerusalem has a Scripture index for putting the passages mentioned in the book right at your fingertips. In addition, a glossary explains words that some readers may have difficulty with — no struggling with unknown terms.

Readers' comments


1. Conflict in the early church 2. God, gerim and goyim 3. Apple of His eye
4. Welcome, stranger 5. Perpetuating pedigrees 6. Making sense of circumcision
7. One small step for a Roman 8. Moses gets mishmashed 9. Too grievous to be born
10. Abraham is our father 11. Sinners of the Gentiles 12. Judaism's day of glory
13. Ya'll come 14. Circumcising dogs 15. Circumcisers' day in court
16. War on error: liberty assured 17. Sinai found wanting 18. Please don't strangle your dinner
19. A vicious rumor — Paul under fire 20. The great legalism hoax 21. Sinner to saint — the miracle of justification
22. Under the law — a fresh perspective 23. Christians and the law Appendix One: The law of Moses and customs
Appendix Two: Apostolic Council scenarios


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