OVER THE CENTURIES, a handful of people has been given the matchless opportunity of laying eyes on some aspect or other of God’s infinite glory. Moses, for instance, enjoyed the unique experience of seeing a vision so dazzlingly bright he had to hide behind a rock for protection. Some believers today feel discouraged at God’s decision to keep His glory under wraps until Jesus’ return. Yet they are not completely deprived. Paul tells us that the invisible things of God — His power and “godhead” — are made visible through the works of His hands (Rom. 1:20). “How Great Thou Art” is dedicated to helping believers make the most of this window into God’s greatness.

God has given man two distinct sources of knowledge about His nature — the written word of Scripture and the visible works of creation. Gaining a true picture of His glory, as well as growing in faith, requires that we be familiar with both sources, sometimes known as “the two books”.

“How Great Thou Art” is divided into three parts:

1. The first part outlines the scriptural case for taking seriously the window into God’s glory provided by the wonders of creation. It shows how you can almost “feel God’s presence” in the works of His hands. It also examines the issue of process creation vs fiat creation and the question of intelligent design.
2. The second part delves into the marvels found on planet Earth and what they tell us about the infinite genius of the One who designed and created them. You simply won’t believe some of the amazing things you read about.
3. Reading the third part about the utterly staggering phenomena that pulsate throughout our vast universe will cause your faith in the power of God to soar to new heights.

This book will truly give you a new and thrilling understanding of the awesome God who gives life to all.

"How Great Thou Art" has a Scripture index for putting the passages mentioned in the book right at your fingertips. In addition, a glossary explains words that some readers may have difficulty with — no struggling with unknown terms.

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Contents (subject to change)

1. The philanthropist and the Taj Mahal 2. God, man and creation 3. Our just-right universe
4. The two books 5. The good old days 6. Knowing and glorifying God
7. Attributes of God 8. The mind of God 9. The power of God
10. God's glory in the earth 11. Sun, earth, and the second law 12. God or Gaia?
13. Life on earth 14. Atoms and molecules: building blocks of the universe 15. Steady as she goes
16. The mystery of life 17. Our physical planet 18.The dynamic earth
19. The heavens God's glory do declare 20. God, quarks, and the universe 21. The grand illusion
22. The case of the (almost) missing universe 23. The view from outside 24. The kingdom of the heavens
25. Crash go the galaxies 26. Brighter than a million suns 27. Quasars: marvel or mystery?
28.Sing a new song


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