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12th December, 2005

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"Bugs" embarrass evolutionists

While doing research for a book I am writing on the glory of God I ran across a rather frank confession by an evolutionist. He was waxing eloquent about the vital role played by certain soil bacteria in turning unusable atmospheric nitrogen into a chemical form that could be used by plants. Plants and animals all need proteins of numerous kinds. Nitrogen is a key element in the amino acids from which proteins are synthesized. High school biology students are familiar with the critical motes of life, known generally as “nitrogen-fixing bacteria”, charged with the miraculous and complex task of extracting nitrogen gas from the atmosphere and “fixing” it — that is, converting it into the nitrates (NO3) that plants can absorb through their root hairs and then turn into amino acids. These tiny chemical factories in the soil, together with some blue-green algae, are the only known organisms capable of achieving this critical task.

Paul Colinvaux, author of a basic text, “Introduction to Ecology”, says this:

And the curious thing is that of all the array of plants and animals in desperate need of nitrogenous

nutrients, only a variety of tiny ones can perform the necessary nitrogen fixation. The large ones are absolutely dependent on the activities of such things as nitrogen-fixing bacteria or blue-green algae for their input of fresh nitrogenous nutrients. Why the necessary enzymes have not been developed, or have been lost, by all taxa of higher plants is a major mystery of biology for which there must someday come some subtle answer from the laboratories of molecular biologists.

To my knowledge, no besmocked researcher has yet given a logical explanation for why the god of natural selection has chosen to erase this life-giving ability from the DNA of “higher” plants that supposedly evolved from these bacteria and blue-green algae. After all, the dogma of evolution rests on the foundation of evolution by natural selection driven by competition between creatures struggling against their fellows for survival. It just doesn't make sense that an ability that would give any of its possessors a huge edge in the alleged evolutionary marathon would fail to be passed on to derived organisms.

Belief in divine design makes a whole lot more sense.


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