Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words
will by no means pass away
(Matthew 24:35)


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WE WOULD NOT be drawing a long bow to conclude that Jesus included all of Scripture in the term "My words" in the above passage. He is thus telling us that the Bible carries more significance in the scheme of eternity than the entire creation. Stop and think about the staggering implications of that idea.

The physical creation utterly surpasses in its breadth and grandness any concept we may have of it. Our wildest imaginations cannot begin to picture either creation's immensity or its intricacy. Heaven and earth show God's boundless attention to detail and infinite capacity for planning. Yet when they are dead and gone, God's Word will live on. If the physical creation shows perfection of planning at every level, with nothing critical forgotten in the shuffle, how much more attention would God have devoted to the details of the saving words of life?

In other words, leaving aside the imperfections that have crept into the record due to human errors in transmission of the text, the written Word of God will stand up to the minutest examination.

The "Bible Teachings" series is devoted to examination of various Bible passages, with no pretence being made of having any divine authority for its interpretations.

We at Dawn to Dusk believe the Bible is inerrant. We believe that Old and New Testaments are both still valid today, the death of the old covenant and initiation of the new covenant not rendering null and void Old Testament teaching, including law. The New Testament writings do not reflect two or three different schools of thought but one coherent message, emphasizing the role of Jesus Christ in God's perfect plan of salvation. Our writings reflect these convictions.

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