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20th June, 2005

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Are you watching Big Brother?

The big question today is not, “Is Big Brother watching you?” but, rather, “Are you watching Big Brother?” If you are, why are you? When reality television first arrived, many people hailed it as the new, cutting edge of entertainment. You can be sure that TV station managers were rubbing their hands with glee, as reality television gave them a sure-fire ratings winner at little cost. Reality television could much more accurately be described as crud television. Nothing, it seems, is sacred. Physical human relationships are exposed, in all their gory, to the lustful eye of millions of viewers. Gone are the days of uplifting, inspiring shows about the suppression of personal desires for the sake of the common weal. Enter the days of no-holds-barred sleaze masquerading as “the real world”.

Maybe reality television mirrors life, but should we expose ourselves and our children to “real life”? Recently an erstwhile writer of pornography came clean, declaring his utter disgust with the invasion of smut into American living rooms. When confronted with the issue of whether or not we should condone a double standard in society

by locking such disgusting material in plastic wrap under the counter, he shocked many by responding that civilized society relies on a double standard. To expose human lust in the raw militates against civilization, he said.

This writer heard a leading CEO in the sex industry bemoan the erosion of moral values. He told his radio interviewer that many sex workers had contacted him to express their concern over some shocking recent Big Brother programs. These workers believed that smut should be kept under covers rather than parading in all its nakedness on TV screens at prime time. What sort of world do we live in when prostitutes are raising their hands in holy horror?

The wisest man who ever lived wrote,

Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life (Prov. 4:23)

Solomon was telling us to protect our minds from evil outside influences, for what goes in will come out. If we live on a diet of sleaze, we will become of no value to anybody. Don't let society's non-standards destroy you and your family. Turn off Big Brother.


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