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The Epistle to the Hebrews has been called upon again and again to support the sacrosanct notion that anything associated with the Old Testament, especially law, stands tainted and tarnished — condemned to everlasting Sheol. As went the covenant — into oblivion — so went Old Testament law, or Torah. Few stop to question such hallowed interpretations.

This book dares to do just that, making short work of the idea that Old Testament and old covenant are virtually identical. It demolishes the pet argument that the covenant's demise means death to the law. It also examines the dubious distinction often made between moral and ceremonial law, showing that this idea has no biblical basis for its popularity. Rod McQueen dares to propose that the book of Hebrews has been historically misread by Christian scholars who wrongly conclude that ceremonial law was a temporary imposition until Calvary. Its Author was not teaching that the temple and its accompanying rituals were rendered obsolete by the blood of Jesus Christ. The Romans destroyed the Temple, but its relevance still stands. Followers of Jesus should yearn for its reconstruction and the blessings — and possible revival — that would bring. Though you might not agree with this book's conclusions, you will surely agree that its methodical arguments merit careful consideration.

Sure, this book is not a fast read. One has to be willing to ponder each point as it is made, and to examine the logic carefully. But with so much at stake, don't you think the extra effort is worth it?

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