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ROD WAS BORN in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, in 1950 and grew up in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating from Scotch College, he spent two years at Melbourne University studying Russian, Indonesian, Middle Eastern Studies, History and Philosophy of Science, and Biology before going to England to study theology at Ambassador College.

Martha was born in San Francisco in 1952, and grew up in nearby San Anselmo. Upon graduating from High School, she attended Ambassador College in Pasadena, CA, for one year before transferring to spend the next three years studying at its sister campus in Brickett Wood, England, where she and Rod met and fell in love.

Rod and Martha married in 1974, shortly after graduation, and launched into twenty three years of pastoral service in a number of Church of God congregations in England, Australia and the USA.

As a minister, Rod developed a great love of teaching, as well as the communication skills necessary to explain complex topics in interesting, understandable terms. At the same time he became more and more amazed at the scope of God's glory as clearly manifested in all aspects of the creation. Concerned about the lack of readable material about God's majesty, in 1997 Rod left the paid ministry and founded Dawn to Dusk in order to produce and distribute readable written material focused on the insights provided into the mind of God by the marvels of creation. To maintain hands-on experience with the wonders of creation, Rod and Martha joined the Central North Field Naturalists Club of Tasmania in 1990, in which he served as president for a couple of terms.

Rod and Martha McQueen also write on topics straight out of the Bible. As Rod puts it, "God has given us three windows into His mind—the creation, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. To gain a balanced view of God's glory, we cannot afford to pull the blind down on any one of them".

As backup to these main thrusts of Dawn to Dusk, they also tackle the subject of reasons for believing. The study of nature's order and intricacy inevitably raises vital issues of origin. Few today believe God did it all. As a boy, Rod remembers his favourite school teacher forever extolling the virtues and wonders of "Mother Nature". Now, instead of seeing some mystical, mindless power lying back of nature's marvels, Rod sees the infinitely intelligent mind of God. To Him should go the credit for all the marvels and mysteries that nature provides. But how can one be sure of that? Rod and Martha want to help people build a foundation for their faith.

Rod and Martha have four children, three grandchildren and counting. They live in Tasmania, the renowned "Apple Isle" of Australia.

Rod has had articles published in a number of Christian magazines, including Good News and Creation Ex Nihilo. In addition to helping run Dawn to Dusk, Martha works as a library technician at a local school, does voluntary copyediting, and participates in the local choral society. Rod served for a number of years as a member of the local development committee, acting as chair of the health sub-committee.



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