Please note the following important points before ordering

We prefer payment by credit card, either Mastercard or Visa Card. If you have never ordered an item from overseas using a credit card before, relax. It's exactly the same as ordering something from the other side of your town, except that it takes a little longer to arrive. You don't have to worry about converting the currency yourself as your credit card institution will do that for you automatically.

Unless ordering in bulk, when cheaper surface mail becomes an option, all books are sent by air mail. The shipping cost is AUD $12.50 per book for most areas of the world (AUD $6.95 for CD-ROMs). (Rates are lower for Australia, New Zealand and Asia.) Remember, the amount in US currency is about 20-25% lower than figures quoted in Australian currency. To see how much your order will come to, approximately, in your currency, we suggest you use the services of an online currency exchange calculator, such as http://www.xe.com/ucc/. (Please note that exchange rates fluctuate slightly on a daily basis. Dawn to Dusk cannot be held accountable for any variations.)

If you would prefer to pay by some other means, such as personal check, please email us and let us know your preference. We will be happy to assist if at all possible; we can even help you determine which method is best for you. (Please note that Australian banks charge AUD $7.50 for processing non-Australian checks, so that amount will need to be added to the total cost of both book and shipping.)

Until we set up a secure online payment processing system, the easiest way to order is to fill in and submit the order form (no credit card details asked for). We will personally contact you by email to explain shipping costs for your part of the world, and to tell you about payment options. Alternatively, you can contact us direct by email or fax ([your access code] 61 3 6393 2121). Your orders assistant, Martha (in official Dawn to Dusk uniform), will be happy to answer any questions you may have, such as inquiries about shipping costs to your part of the world or discounts on bulk orders.

Shipping times vary from days to weeks depending on where you live.

Email: orders@dawntoduskpublications.com