UFOs, extraterrestrial life and the Bible


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BELIEVING IN THE EXISTENCE OF intelligent extra-terrestrials is akin to believing in the existence of deep sea monsters, such as Nessie. Neither belief can be easily disproved, and both beliefs are backed up by the testimony of eyewitnesses. The majority of scientists today believe in extraterrestrial life. To them, the proposal that we are alone in this universe is too shocking to contemplate.

But the reasonableness of a position doesn't make it automatically true. In spite of all the hype, extraterrestrial life in general, and intelligent extraterrestrial civilisations in particular, have virtually no evidence whatsoever to support their existence.

In 1950, famous physicist Enrico Fermi was munching on his lunch at Los Alamos National Labs when he posed a striking question that ETI-searchers have been trying to answer ever since; 'Where is everybody?' Based on standard assumptions, our skies should be alive with alien makes of spacecraft, earth should be teeming with visitors. Aliens should be seated beside us in our restaurants, buses and theatres. But they are not. Why not? Could it be because they simply don't exist?

Many excuse the lack of visitors on the difficulty of interstellar travel. The distances involved are simply too great for colonisation of the universe to have occurred. Above all, the staggering energy costs involved in hurtling large numbers of people with all the accoutrements of life into the depths of space, even if it were possible, precludes it ever happening. In space, the brutal tyranny of distance reigns supreme. Yet, in spite of this simple fact, many sincere folk continue to hold great faith in stories of visitation by aliens from space.

Does the Bible deny the possibility of life of some kind on other planets? Not necessarily. Nowhere does it explicitly say that God created life only on earth. Thus, if life ever were proven to exist somewhere out there, the faith of Bible-believers need not be shaken. Nevertheless, most would agree that the Bible implies that life is unique to our planet, and apart from the widely-publicised case of alleged micro-life on a meteorite from Mars, not a stitch of evidence supports the notion that life does exist elsewhere, even though other planets have been proven to exist.

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