Blogs of 2009

Blogs are arranged according to the three fundamental categories dealt with in Dawn to Dusk publications, the most recent posting in each category appearing at the bottom of the list.


Seeing God

Faith and Reason

Bible Vignettes

The Lord God made it all

2009: will creationism lose the struggle for survival?

What a buzz!

Cosmic quicksands and the puny weakling paradox

Big birds rat on evolution theory

Deadly Victorian bushfires: a sign of the times?

Histiophryne psychedelica: the beautiful bouncer

From T. rex to hummingbird

How I miss him

Full of grace and truth

Are the resurrection accounts contradictory?

From Creator to paschal lamb

Decreasing size, increasing intricacy

Evolution's quiet revolution

Jesus is busy right now: please make an appointment

What makes natural laws work?

The etymology of etymology

Paul: misapplied, misunderstood, but never mistaken

Fire, fire burning bright

Wolf in sheep's clothing vs sheep in wolf's clothing

 Grow up and behave like a child

Snakes (no longer) alive!

Here we go again; yet another missing link found

God the egotist?

Clever little diggers, you

Mock around the clock

Priesthood of all believers?

The eyes have it

Seeing through evolution

Zacharias's prophecy

Who's stealing the giant star's twinkle?

Birth in space

Let's go see Epsilon Aurigae

Heads or tails? The actual, factual tale of brainy gecko tails

The no-God delusion

Introspection: the good and the bad

Stick to me if you can

The death of Ahaziah

Why ancient Israel?

God the artist

Feathers of a bird

Was Paul a helpless sinner?

My, what big teeth you had

Did God create waterfalls?

The wizardry of “of”

Introverts and extroverts: the Lord God made them all