Blogs of 2008

Blogs are arranged according to the three fundamental categories dealt with in Dawn to Dusk publications, the most recent posting in each category appearing at the bottom of the list.


Seeing God

Faith and Reason

Bible Vignettes

Galloping kangaroos!

Old Testament creation accounts: tainted by pagan mythology?

The law and the prophets were until John

Giant rodents ancient and modern

Was Moses an ignoramus?

Where I am you will also be

The plugged-in platypus

Fossil jaw speaks against evolution

Jesus Christ: the Father's user-friendly interface

What a desert!

Did God create deserts?

Heaven: God's user-friendly interplace?

The elusive God particle

Moses, earth science, and astronomy

The forgotten fourth horseman

Biomimetics mania

Biomimetics and intelligent design

Christian confidence, warranted and unwarranted

God the comedian

God is a monster, therefore He doesn't exist

Israel: curse or blessing?

Many are cold, but few are frozen

Is God a monster?

The silence of the Spirit

The more you learn, the less you know

What went on and on in the Gogo long, long ago?

The meek shall inherit the… what?

Plants that live in glass houses

Fits or favors? One-eyed over flatfish

Mystery the great

The beetle that sunk a thousand investors

A fish in the rocks is worth dozens in the pan

Avoiding gimme fever

Exploding rocks and flaming ice

Sharp, accurate, deadly

Blessed are the mourners

The agony and the ecstasy

I think, therefore He is

Jealous of angels

The dead man came out

None so blind... Pt. 1

Who is the salt of the earth?

Billions of thoughts, never a contradiction

None so blind… Part 2

Religion vs. truth

Wheels within wheels within wheels…